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Marietta GA

Your One-Stop Cigar, tobacco & Vape Shop

With Stony Cigars, you’ll find a shop that offers a wide inventory, attentive staff, and in-depth knowledge of tobacco. Besides caring about finding the right solution for every customer, we have the knowledge and skills to find answers to your questions.

Our Humidor

Stressful Day & Need to Relax?

That is why we’re proudly introducing our newest product, our humidor. Looking for a cigar to calm those nerves? Look no further! You’ll find something that suits your taste buds, and is just what you need to keep you calm and relaxed even on the tough days.

We offer a variety of high-quality cigars and accessories that are perfect for you! Stony Cigars is the ultimate destination for cigar aficionados who want to explore the world of fine cigars. Visit us and we’ll show you our new humidor and cigar collection!

Friendly Folks, Big Cigars!

Stony Cigars is a cigar retail store giving you a taste of the south. We have a variety of cigars, humidors, and tobacco for any kind of smoker.

Our Blog


As smokers, we know just how hard it is to get a hold of quality tobacco related content. Luckily, we’ve created this blog for you! Come for the articles, stay for the community.

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