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If you are a beginner or advanced vaper, Stony Cigars has the best selection of vape products in Marietta GA. Vape enthusiasts can choose from a large selection of top shelf craft brands and bargain E-Liquids of the highest quality without breaking the bank. We are constantly updating our inventory of e-liquids, vape devices, and accessories to keep up with the latest trends. Stop by to find the largest selection of E-Liquids and vape devices in town!!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Vapes and e-cigarettes may appear very similar, but they actually have some key differences. Vapes and e-cigarettes have some key differences that can make a big difference to the user. Vape oils use a process called "dripping" where the oil is heated up with cotton or mesh coils, which results in an intense hit of flavor. E-cigarettes utilize a vaporization process that heats up the liquid, producing less of an intense taste but still providing its own unique experience.

While most vapes and e-cigarettes are available as a complete unit, you can customize your own device. You can talk to Stony Cigar's experts about which option will work best for you and they will guide you through the building process.

Stony Cigars offers a wide selection of vape products. We carry both disposable and rechargeable vapes, as well as a variety of e-juice flavors.

The State of Georgia prohibits the purchase, possession, or receipt of a vapor product by a person under 21 years of age.

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