Exploring The Different Cigar Sizes, Shapes and Colors: A Beginner’s Guide

Smoking cigars can be an enjoyable and relaxing way of winding down after a long day. Whether you are already an avid cigar smoker, or just getting started in the world of cigars, understanding the different sizes, shapes, and colors of cigars can make your experience much more enjoyable.

Exploring the many options available can open up a whole new world of taste and aroma that you may have never experienced before.

We’ll provide a comprehensive guide to exploring the different cigar sizes, shapes, and colors so that you can make the best choice for your individual tastes. So don’t be intimidated by the vast array of options; we’ll help you navigate the world of cigars so that you can get the most out of your smoking experience.

Types of Cigar Shapes

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Cigars are a popular luxury item among many aficionados, and to a newcomer, it can be overwhelming to decide which cigar to choose for their first smoke. One of the most important things to consider when selecting a cigar is its size, shape, and color. In this article, we’ll explore the different cigar sizes, shapes, and colors and give some recommendations for a beginner’s first cigar.

When it comes to cigar sizes, the two main categories are parejo and figurado. Parejos are cigars that have a round or flat shape, with even sides and a straight cap and foot.

Some popular parejo shapes include Robusto, Corona, and Toro. Figurados, on the other hand, have tapered shapes and uneven sides, with a pointed cap and foot. Some popular figurado shapes include Torpedo and Pyramid.

In general, cigars that are shorter than seven inches and have a ring gauge less than forty are considered small. Cigars that are longer than seven inches and have a ring gauge of forty or more are considered large.

Cigar Strength and Flavor

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The sizes, shapes, and colors of cigars can all be used to help determine the flavor and strength of the cigar you are smoking.

Cigar sizes are typically categorized by length and ring gauge, which is the diameter of the cigar. Typically, the longer the cigar and the thicker its ring gauge, the more potent the cigar will be in terms of flavor and strength.

Cigar shapes can also play a role in the strength and flavor of the cigar. Cigars are classified by their shape and the terms used to describe them include round, pyramid, torpedo, figurado, and box-pressed.

Generally speaking, round-shaped cigars will have a more balanced flavor, while the pointed shape of the pyramid and torpedo cigars will concentrate the smoke for a more intense flavor. Figurado cigars, which are also pointed, generally have an even more intense flavor.

Cigars also come in a variety of colors – from light to dark – and this can also be used to determine the strength and flavor of the cigar. Typically, the darker the wrapper, the more full-bodied and intense the flavor of the cigar will be. Lighter colors such as Natural and Claro will generally be milder.

Wrapper Colors and Their Characteristics

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Wrapper colors are an important factor that makes cigars unique. A cigar’s wrapper color and its characteristics can define the taste, flavor, and aroma of the cigar. There are different wrappers available in the market, each with its own distinct characteristics.

The most common wrapper colors are: Natural, Claro, Maduro, Oscuro, and Colorado. Natural wrappers are typically light tan in color and they offer mellow and light flavors. Claro wrapper tobacco is usually green or yellow in color and provides a subtle yet flavorful taste.

Maduro wrappers are usually dark brown or black in color and provide a strong, full-bodied flavor. Oscuro wrappers are the darkest wrappers and provide a very intense flavor. Finally, Colorado wrappers are reddish-brown in color and offer a medium-bodied flavor.

The wrapper’s color is determined by the amount of time the leaves are exposed to sunlight. Natural wrappers are typically exposed to the least sunlight, while Maduro wrappers are exposed to the most sunlight. The amount of sun exposure that a wrapper receives will also affect its flavor and aroma.

The color of the wrapper can also affect the strength of the cigar. For instance, Claro wrappers typically provide a milder, mellower flavor than Maduro wrappers. Similarly, Oscuro wrappers will usually provide a stronger flavor than Natural wrappers.

Wrappers also determine the texture and feel of a cigar. Natural wrappers tend to have a slightly more delicate texture compared to Maduro wrappers, which usually have a thicker texture. Claro wrappers have a medium texture, while Oscuro wrappers are the thickest of all.

The wrapper’s color can also affect the burn rate of a cigar. Natural wrappers, for instance, tend to burn slower than Claro wrappers. Maduro wrappers have the fastest burn rate, followed by Oscuro wrappers.

Cigar sizes can also be determined by the wrapper color. For instance, Claro wrappers are typically used for smaller cigars, while Maduro wrappers are used for larger cigars. Natural wrappers are usually found in medium-sized cigars, while Oscuro wrappers are often used for very large cigars.

Aging and Storage of Cigars

5 things to know before buying your first cigar

Cigar aging and storage are essential elements of cigar enjoyment. Proper aging of your cigars can help bring out their full potential and make them more enjoyable. Cigars can be aged for a number of years, depending on the type, size, shape, and color. There are several factors to consider when aging and storing cigars, such as humidity, temperature, and light.

Humidor storage is the preferred method for aging cigars, as it helps to keep them at optimal humidity levels. Humidors are small airtight boxes that keep cigars moist and flavorful for extended periods of time.

Humidors can range in size from small desktop boxes to large walk-in humidors. The humidity within the humidor should be kept at around 70% relative humidity and the temperature should be around 68-72 degrees Fahrenheit.

Cigar packaging is also an important factor when it comes to aging and storing cigars. Cigars should be kept in their original cellophane or cardboard packaging to help protect them from the elements.

If storing cigars in a humidor, they should be left in their packaging. If storing them in a drawer or cupboard, they should be placed in a cardboard box or other protective covering.

The shape and color of the cigar can also make a difference when it comes to aging and storage. Smaller cigars such as Coronas or Robustos tend to age faster than larger cigars such as Churchills or Double Coronas. Darker-colored cigars such as Maduros tend to age slower than lighter cigars.

In order to take full advantage of cigar aging and storage, it is important to understand the different sizes, shapes, and colors of cigars.

This information will help you select the right cigars to age and store, as well as choose the best storage methods for maximum cigar enjoyment. Whether you’re a beginner or a cigar aficionado, exploring the different cigar sizes, shapes, and colors is the best way to enjoy the perfect cigar.

Smoking a Cigar: The Basics

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Smoking a cigar is a skill, and it requires practice to perfect. The most important thing is to smoke the cigar slowly, taking small, gentle draws from the cigar every few minutes. It is important not to inhale the smoke, otherwise, it can cause coughing and dizziness. Also, the smoke should be allowed to swirl around in the mouth to experience the full flavor of the cigar.

When smoking a cigar, one must take care not to over-smoke it. This will not only reduce the taste of the cigar but also reduce the overall quality of the smoke. Furthermore, it is important to find the right balance between draws and pauses. Taking too many draws too frequently will not let the cigar burn properly and will also taste less savory.

On the other hand, letting the smoke sit too long between draws will not allow for proper burning which can also affect the flavor. Ultimately, the goal is to find a rhythm that is comfortable and allows for the full flavor of the cigar to come through.

Common Cigar Accessories

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There are a few main accessories that every cigar smoker should have. From cutters and lighters to ashtrays and humidors, the right set of cigar accessories can help enhance your cigar puffing experience. Below are the most common cigar accessories you should have in your smoking arsenal.

Cigar Cutters: Cigar cutters are a fundamental part of cigar smoking. They allow you to create a clean, symmetrical cut at the end of your cigar, allowing for an easy draw. Cigar cutters come in a variety of shapes and sizes, ranging from basic double and single blade cutters to more intricate V-cutters and cigar scissors.

Cigar Lighters: Cigar lighters are another essential accessory for cigar smokers. Traditional lighters are the go-to choice for many, but butane lighters are a common choice too. Butane lighters can light cigars more quickly and evenly than their counterparts, creating a smooth and even burn.

Humidors: Humidors are a great way to not only store your cigars, but also to ensure they stay fresh. Humidors are typically made from wood and lined with Spanish cedar, allowing them to regulate the humidity of the air around your cigars. This is important to ensure the cigar retains the right moisture and doesn’t crack or split.

Ashtrays: For cigar smokers, an ashtray is an essential accessory. Ashtrays come in all shapes and sizes, and they provide a place to put the ashes and snuffed-out cigars. Choosing a stylish ashtray can also add to the overall look of your smoking experience.

Cigar Cases: Cigar cases are a great way to keep your cigars safe while travelling. They come in many different materials, such as leather, wood, and metal. Cigar cases also come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes, so you can find one that perfectly fits your needs.


The world of cigars is large and varied. With their different sizes, shapes, and colors, it can be difficult for a beginner to make sense of it all.

No matter the size, shape, or color of the cigar, there is a perfect cigar for everyone. With some research and experimentation, anyone can discover their favorite cigar. It’s all about exploring different types of cigars and finding the one that is best suited to your own tastes.

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