Do You Inhale Cigars?

There’s this one question that most cigar enthusiasts get when talking about cigar smoke. And that is whether to inhale cigars or not.

Most people are also not in favor of inhaling cigar smoke. But it is not a basic principle that should be followed by everyone. At the end of the day, it is you who gets to decide based on your personal preference.

So let us help you weigh out your options for a much better cigar smoking experience.

To Inhale Cigars or Not?

Do You Inhale Cigars?

One of the reasons why most people do not advise inhaling cigar smoke is because of how uncomfortable it may get. But there are cigar aficionados who would love to do it that way. So which one do you prefer? To inhale cigars or not?

Most will agree that inhaling smoke is not for cigars. An obvious reason is it will only put your health at risk. Plus, the cigar wrapper and the filler make the smoke a lot hotter. So inhaling it will only ruin the experience as it can be painful.

Is There a Need to Inhale Cigars?

If you happen to get a piece of advice from someone not to inhale cigars, it is important to understand that it is not because of how it may affect the flavor. The decision of other people not to inhale cigar smoke is mainly because of the smoke itself and nothing else.

Since cigars are made of natural materials, they also tend to burn faster at a higher temperature. This explains the coughing that some people experience when trying to inhale the smoke. The hot smoke causes a burning sensation, especially in the throat. And inhaling it will not do good to your lungs.

The answer to the question of whether to inhale cigars or not still depends on the person. However, inhaling the smoke is not necessary to get the most out of a cigar. You can still enjoy the flavor and the aroma of a cigar even without inhaling it. But there are still cigar lovers who prefer either inhaling or retrohaling the smoke instead.

How to Smoke a Cigar?

Cigars are meant to be savored slowly. So drawing in small portions of smoke will make you more likely enjoy it. Then wait for a few seconds as you allow the smoke to stay inside your mouth before you gradually release it.

Do you still plan to inhale cigars? Remember that puffing too often will produce more smoke as it increases the heat. So see to it that you will only draw once every 1 minute or at least every 30 seconds.

While gentle puffs seem to be the most ideal, some cigar lovers prefer retrohaling. It is the process of expelling cigar smoke out through the nose. However, this method requires more practice.

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Who We Are and What We Can Give You?

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When making a purchase, it is important to ask what a particular brand of cigar tastes like. Cigars don’t taste the same so think about the kinds of flavor you most prefer. Different flavors also have different aromas and that is something that you may also want to consider.

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