How to Make Hookah Smoke Thicker

Hookah smokers know that the best part of smoking a hookah is getting the thickest smoke clouds, which is why they are often looking into how to make hookah smoke thicker for the best smoking experience. Thicker hookah smoke can be incredibly satisfying and provides a better kick compared to thinner smoke clouds.

However, for first-time hookah smokers, they may not know how to produce dense clouds of smoke. If you want the best results with your hookah smoke, here are some tips to help you get thick hookah smoke with every pull.

Use Good-Quality Hookah Parts and Accessories

how to make hookah smoke thicker
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One primary factor affecting the quality of your hookah smoke is using good-quality parts and accessories. Make sure your hookah bowl is made from clay or ceramic, as these materials help retain heat better than plastic or glass.

When it comes to your hookah hose, look for one made from silicone or another non-porous material. A good rule of thumb is that the thicker the hose, the better the quality. Low quality hookah parts, especially a cheap hose can cause air leaks in your hookah, which results in thinner smoke. Stony Cigars offers high-quality shisha tobacco and hookah accessories to guarantee a thick smoke everytime your smoke.

Pack Your Hookah Bowl Properly

Packing your hookah bowl properly is essential for getting thick clouds of smoke. By packing a denser bowl, you can produce thicker smoke clouds. Start by filling your bowl with enough shisha tobacco to level with the top of the bowl without making it too tightly packed.

Once the shisha is packed, poke holes in the shisha so that air can circulate, which makes the heat flow better through the tobacco. When the bowl is properly packed and, it is time to put on the hookah foil. Ensure the foil is tight against the bowl so that no air can escape.

Control Your Heat Better is One Way How To Make Hookah Smoke Thicker

One of the best ways to get thick hookah smoke is to make sure that your heat is managed better. Thinner smoke often occurs when your accessories, like your bowl and hose are not fixed properly, which can cause air leaks.

In addition to a high-quality hookah device, tight connections, and a properly packed bowl, you should look into a heat management device to help control the heat that goes through your hookah bowl. Fortunately, a heat management device is easy to use, so first-time hookah smokers will not have a problem using it.

Heat management is crucial because if your heat is too hot, your tobacco will burn. But if your heat is too low, then the flavors of the shisha will not be dispersed properly. Hookah smoking is an art many people tweak according to their setups and resources, so it’s best to find which works best for your needs.

The right kind of charcoal can also help with thick smoke production. Hookah smokers typically use natural charcoal as it burns hotter and longer than quick-light coals. If you are using natural charcoal, you will need to light it with a stove or a charcoal chimney. Once the charcoal is lit, wait for it to turn white before placing it on top of the hookah foil. For best results, use 3-4 pieces of charcoal.

Take Slow, Steady Puffs

When you are ready to start smoking, take slow and steady puffs from the hookah hose. Many first-timers make the mistake of getting too excited and taking bigger pulls than is necessary. Avoid taking big gulps of smoke, as this can make you cough and will not produce dense clouds of smoke. Inhale the smoke into your lungs and then exhale slowly.

You should see thick clouds of smoke coming out with each puff. If the smoke is thin or dissipates quickly, you need to adjust your packing, coals, or smoking technique.

Get All the Equipment That You Need For a Satisfying Hookah Experience

Hookah smoking can be very intimidating at first, especially when you’re aiming for those thick smoke clouds that shisha is known for. Make your hookah experience more enjoyable by checking out Stony Cigars, Marietta’s Best Cigar Shop.

We carry a range of hookah products and shisha tobacco suited for smokers of every type, so drop in our shop to check them out. If you’re unsure where to start, send us your questions through our contact form, or give us a call at 770-702-5123 today.

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