What Is The Proper Way To Light A Cigar

Learning the proper way to light a cigar is like learning how to properly prepare for a cigar. Knowing how to properly light a cigar is a crucial part of the smoking process and can affect how each and every cigar is smoked. So, how do you go about doing this and how do you get the most pleasure?

  • What Is The Proper Way To Light A Cigar?
  • Most Common Mistakes That People Make When Lighting A Cigar

What Is The Proper Way To Light A Cigar?

There are different ways to light a cigar, but first, you should know the perfect lighter to use lighting a cigar.

Ideally, you should only light cigars with a thin strip of cedar, a match made of wood, or a butane lighter. These products do not contribute any sort of chemical flavor since they are mostly neutral.

Most likely, the marches with lighter fluid or those that are manufactured from cardboard may alter the taste of the cigar. Butane torch lighters or lighters with butane are ideal because they provide maximum flame control. Matches made out of wood may be the easiest lighting tool to find.

Alternatively, you can choose a Zippo lighter if you already own one. Zippo lighters use lighter fluid, so if you do use one make sure you get a butane lighter insert. Touching the cigar’s foot (the end opposite the one you chew with) with a flame will cause its wrapper to be burned and turn black. Doing so will ultimately affect the taste of your cigar.

proper way to light a cigar

Let’s Go Into The Proper Way To Light A Cigar:

Step 1: When lighting a cigar, make sure that it is around 45 degrees and 60 degrees away from the flame.

Step 2: Make sure that the foot of the cigar is inches away from the flame’s tip.

Step 3: To properly light the cigar, you must rotate it and the lighter to ensure that the cigar’s foot are all toasted.

Common Mistakes That People Make When Lighting A Cigar

The world of cigars is one that is loved by people all across the globe. People who are cigar aficionados out there can tell what is wrong with the cigar from just a simple sniff but if you are inexperienced in the cigar world then you might not know the proper way to light a cigar.

Also, you need a reputable Marietta’s Best Vape, Cigars & Tobacco Shop where you can find a vast number of cigar brands. This is where knowing cigar lighting tips can help you. If you are looking for ways to get your cigar lit properly, then here are some tips to help you out.

1. Not Using a Quality Cigar Lighter

You’re wasting your time and money. A cigar lighter is one of the most important pieces of smoking gear you’ll ever own. Not only does it make lighting your cigar a breeze, but using a poor-quality lighter can actually damage your cigar and even cause it to catch fire.

2. Not Using Enough Heat

When lighting a cigar, it is important to use enough heat to activate the tobacco. Over-lighting a cigar can produce harsh and bitter smoke, ruining the taste and experience. It is also important to use a quality lighter and keep the flame burning until the cigar is completely lit.

proper way to light a cigar

3. Smoking Cigars Too Fast

When it comes to smoking cigars, many people believe that you should take your time and enjoy the experience. This is especially true if you are smoking premium cigars, which often require more time to smoke. However, there are times when it is appropriate to smoke a cigar quickly.

There are a few reasons why you may want to smoke a cigar quickly. For example, if you are in a hurry and don’t have time to enjoy the entire cigar, you can cut it short and still get the desired effect.

Additionally, if you have a smoker’s palate and want to experience all of the different flavors that come with smoking a premium cigar, then fast smoking may be your best option. By burning through the tobacco quicker, you will get more of the different flavors in each puff. In the end, it all depends on which of these options suits you best.

You can also try different premium cigars. Stony Cigars, Cigar and Tobacco Store, offers both domestically and internationally produced premium cigars.

4. Ignoring The Wrapper When Lighting A Cigar

Ignoring the wrapper when lighting a cigar can be detrimental to the cigar’s flavor and health. Wrapping a cigar correctly will help to protect the tobacco, and using a proper lighter can help to ignite the cigar evenly.


Enjoying a cigar is about more than just smoking it. It’s about the whole experience, the flavor, the aroma, and the feeling you get from it. You should be able to enjoy every moment of your cigar, and you can do that by learning the proper way to light a cigar so that you can enjoy the entire thing. Enjoy high-quality cigars, vapes, hookahs, CBDs at Stony Cigars. For questions, feel free to contact us at 770-702-5123 or send us an email.

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