Understanding Cigar Basics

If you’re a new cigar smoker, chances are you go back and forth trying to understand all the cigars displayed in a tobacco shop in your area. The names, sizes, colors, shapes, and designs of the cigars in front of you seem to confuse you. So here are the cigar basics to help you get started and understand all the cigar terminologies.

Learn the basics of any hand-rolled or machine-made cigars. These cigar basics will serve as guidelines to help you decide which particular cigar to try.

Understanding Cigar Basics

Understanding Cigar Basics: What You Need to Know

Before spotting the brand of cigar that you want to smoke, get to know the parts and other basic terms of a cigar first. Knowing the different flavors of the different wrapper colors will also help you in choosing the best cigar according to your personal preference.

Types of Cigars

Be familiar with these terms before choosing your favorite brand of cigars. It’s important to learn these cigar basics before anything else.

Hand-rolled or Handmade

Hand-rolled cigars are made from high-quality wrappers, thus considered high-quality cigars. Aside from being completely rolled by hand, handmade cigars also use long-filler tobacco. And it is important to take note that all premium cigars are hand-rolled.


Completely machine-made cigars are made from short filler and are usually lower in terms of price.

Short Filler

Cigars with short filler are made of chopped leaves. These leaves are usually leftovers or scraps from the leaves that are rolled for long-filler tobacco.

Long Filler

Premium cigars use long-filler tobacco. As opposed to short-filler tobacco which is made of chopped tobacco leaves, tobacco with long filler is made of whole leaves. The length of these leaves depends on the length of the cigar.


Premium cigars use long filler and are hand-made.


Cigars with a wrapper, binder, and filler that are made of tobacco that comes from the same country are considered puro.

Parts of Cigars

Get to know the basic parts of a cigars.


The color of the cigar is determined by the color of the wrapper. It is used to roll around the binder, and it is the tobacco leaf’s outside layer. It is one of the cigar basics that you must be familiar with.


The leaf that holds or binds the filler together.


The general taste of the cigar comes from the filler. It is what makes up a cigar’s body and is a mixture of tobacco leaves.


The end part of the cigar that you put in your mouth when smoking.


A piece of tobacco leaf that covers the head of the cigar.


Also known as the tuck end, it is the other end of the cigar that you light.


A cigar main body.


The leaves consist of the binder and the filler before being wrapped.


Includes the wrapper, the binder leaf, and the filler leaves. It is basically all the tobacco leaves in a cigar combined.

Colors of Cigars

The shade of a cigar’s outer wrapper is what determines a cigar’s color. These color grades as part of the cigar basics will help you decide what cigar to choose. It’s important to take note that different colors also have different flavors.

Double Claro

Also known as Candela, Double Claro is identified as light green to being yellow. It has a slightly sweet taste and is very mild in terms of flavor.


Cigars that are wrapped in light tan tobacco are called Claro. And since the wrapper doesn’t affect its flavor, Claro cigars are smooth and mild.

Colorado Claro

Considered natural since these wrappers are sun-grown. As opposed to Claro, Colorado Claro are fuller when it comes to flavor. Ranges from light brown to brown.


Shade-grown and is characterized by a medium-brown color to dark brown that is slightly reddish. Rich and strong in flavor.

Colorado Maduro

Dark brown in color, which is between Maduro and Colorado. Has an aromatic smell with a rich medium flavor.


Has a strong flavor and is almost black in color or a very dark reddish-brown. Although this wrapper is dark, Maduro has a usually sweet taste.


Almost black and is the darkest among the cigar wrappers. With a full-bodied flavor, these leaves were fermented the longest.

Understanding Cigar Basics: Where to Get Premium Cigars and Smoking Gears

Understanding cigar basics will help you navigate inside your local cigar shop without feeling like a newbie. It may also open you to the idea of trying out different brands, shapes, sizes, and wrapper colors.

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